Healthy Vegetables
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Healthy Vegetables

ACK Food uses fresh vegetables, which are immediately processed after harvesting.

They are then blanched and frozen to about -40⁰ C in a fast freezing process. This rapid freezing means that the structure of the vegetables remains intact.

The vegetables thus retain the vitamins and minerals, ensuring that they will have the same fresh taste when thawed. The vegetables are stored after packing at minimum -18⁰ C.

How healthy are Frozen Foods

In the magazine SØNDAG 29.08.2012, Anne W. Ravn, a dietician at Aarhus University Hospital, explained that frozen food could easily compare to fresh produce, in terms of preserving the vitamins and minerals.
If the vegetables have been in the refrigerator for too long, they will lose the vitamins and the minerals.
Frosting goods is a brilliant process. They are easy to store and it makes it easy to cook healthy and varied food for a busy weekday.

Fresh is not always the best

Daily Mail writes on studies from the University of Chester, which shows that fresh produce is not always better than frozen.
Frozen fruits and vegetables can often be healthier because they contain more minerals and have a higher content of vitamins.