At ACK Food we recognize our role on a global market as an opportunity to address the global challenges with a clear focus on sustainability. We have the ability to drive positive change through our on-going commitment to our customers.


In consequence, we have built sustainability into our business operations and implement projects on an on-going basis. We take pride in the products we supply for our customers, as we also take pride in our numerous efforts to both formalize and intensify our sustainability performance.


Dedicated suppliers are crucial for ACK Food to act in a responsible and timely manner, to maintain a high level of efficiency in all working processes, and to consistently deliver high quality products to our customers. Therefore, the overall ACK Food commitments to our suppliers are deeply intertwined with our never failing commitment to our customers: To continue to deliver environmentally sustainable products and to take the required steps to stay at the absolute forefront of the market, thereby helping our customers and suppliers strengthen their respective position.

The global market



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