Code of Conduct
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Code Of Conduct

ACK Food's Code of Conduct is the guide for our management, employees, consultants, customers, suppliers, and other collaborators concerning our behavior and values. The Code of Conduct is a tool for ensuring a matching of expectations between stakeholders in our business processes.

In ACK Food, we are all committed to following the highest ethical standards and respecting the UN and ILO's recognized and fundamental human and professional rights.

  • We do not accept child labor.
  • We do not want to enter into business with collaborators who do not recognize the right to freedom of organization and collective bargaining.
  • We see diversity as a resource and will not accept oppression of minorities.
  • We believe in freedom of expression.

ACK Food has a very close cooperation with Thailand, but no matter where we do business, the overall guidelines apply and must be observed at all times - without exception.

The environment, the climate and sustainability are in focus like never before. Sansee wants to think about the environment and sustainability in the solutions we deliver to our customers. For ACK Food, sustainability must be a benchmark that will help to ensure solutions that take care of the environment. We expect the same from our suppliers as we do by ourselves.

Our mission has the clear goal that we in ACK Food must comply with the highest ethical standards. Therefore, we put integrity and honesty above short-term profit. To us, a high ethical standard implies that:

  • Under no circumstances will we accept blackmail, bribery and / or other forms of corruption in our business processes.
  • We are aware of the risk of corruption in Thailand and actively fight it if we encounter it.

If someone in or outside the company hears, sees or encounters corruption in any form, we encourage you to contact us, using our contact information.

In ACK Food we are obliged to comply with our Code of Conduct. We require our suppliers and other partners to respect and comply with our Code of Conduct. We expect our suppliers to have a formulated environmental policy and that they otherwise comply with this Code of Conduct.