Thai Coconut

Organic Young Thai Coconut

Sikheo Coconut is organic raw young Thai coconut meat and organic raw young Thai coconut water, ready to eat. Our organic coconuts come from “Ratchaburi” in Western Thailand where the rich soil and tropical climate offer the perfect environment for producing uniquely great tasting coconuts which have a variety that is sweeter than other varieties in the world. And the certified organic Thai coconut variety is called the fragrant variety and is solely grown in Thailand and nowhere else in the world. That’s what makes Thai coconut so unique. In Thai it is called “Nam Hom” or Young Thai Coconut.




The coconut meat and coconut water come from 100% certified organic raw coconuts which are harvested at their peak for maximum flavor and nutrition. Immediately after harvest the coconut water is tapped off and the coconut meat is scooped from the shell, packed and frozen. This process gives a long shelf life (18 months) and the coconut will be just as fresh once defrosted. Heat or other preservatives are not used to pasteurize the coconut meat or coconut water, it is all 100 % raw coconut.

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Our organic Thai coconut meat is frozen and comes in sealed bags.

Coconut pre
 The coconut water comes frozen in sealed bags.
The coconut meat and water are ready to eat when it's thawed. Packaging sizes and designs can be made according to customer requirements.
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The name coconut derives from seafarers during the 16th and 17th century for its resemblance to a head.
'Coco' and 'coconut' apparently came from 1521 encounters by Portuguese and Spanish explorers with Pacific islanders,
with the coconut shell reminding them of a ghost or witch in Portuguese folklore called coco (also côca).
The Latin name is nucifera and means "nut-bearing".